International Coaching Certifications

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Eagle Business Coaching

The Certified Flourishing Coach Model™ is evidence-based and practitioner-focused, meaning that it is based on science and psychology.  “Evidence-based” describes an approach to medicine, education, and other disciplines that emphasizes the practical application of the findings of the best available current research.  Essentially, it means that a concept or practice is supported by a large amount of scientific research.

So, when we describe the Flourishing Coaching Model™ as evidence-based, we mean that we are taking the best available current research around people, change, and specifically how people flourish and practically applying it with a coaching lens.  

As an active member of Certified Flourishing Coaching™ and the Global Coaching Certification Association (GCCA)Eagle Business Coaching™ is committed to spreading the science and abundance of the Flourishing Coaching Program® model among Hispanics in North and Latin America, in order to raise a generation of powerful coaches that will ignite purposeful change in the region.