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    3P's: People, Profits & Purpose

    What are the main elements of your Strategic Plan?

    Leading in post-pandemic times can be overwhelming. It takes extraordinary innovation, collaboration, and commitment to balance your team's morale, company revenue, and expense control. Thus, what would happen if, instead of just working for you, your employees are compelled to synergically join their talents to support you? Instead of seeking new clients, your community reaches out to you for win-win connections? And if, instead of striving for financial results, you attract new opportunities for expansion every day?

    Making an impact and building your net worth is feasible, they are not excluding realities. It is about aligning your personal purpose with your company, sharing it with your people, and inviting them to partake in that revolution of collaboration.  

    An increase in sales, productivity, and awareness will show almost immediately, as a byproduct of Purposeful Leadership.

    Our programs: 

    • One-on-one coaching sessions for business owners and executives
    • Group coaching for Executives and management teams
    • 3P's Strategic Planning Model - Company-wide.


  • Business Excellence & Effectivity

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    Eagle Business Coaching


    In simple words, Effectiveness means achieving your goals with optimum utilization of resources.

    Innovation and resource optimization have become essential over time, particularly since the pandemic hit us, back in 2020. 

    It is surprising how much money you can save when you review and re-align your processes with new revenue goals, the needs of a new clientele, and a constantly changing working environment. 

    Regardless of the industry, size, revenue, and audience, every business has a strategic process that enables the flow of customers and revenue into your company. This process is the cornerstone of your company; therefore, it should be assessed and updated as many times as something relevant affects it: change of vendors, update of the operating system or collection policy, client traffic variation through the store, equipment, or software update, production lane alteration, staff turnover, etc.

    The economy is picking up and there are no opportunities to be missed as new market niches are growing. There is always the possibility to do more and better with less!  

    Safe yourself plenty of money avoiding: 

    • Unnecessary expenses as the result of an outdated structure
    • Lost opportunities due to limited capacity or undetected inefficiencies
    • Thousands of dollars to cover preventable mistakes 

    Together, we can re-ignite your business, let's do it today!


  • Elevate Leadership for Entrepreneurs (ELE)

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    Eagle Business Coaching

    The ELWE Program is about the impact of self-leadership on your business and your community. Raise your influence, maximize your productivity and expand your impact by taking full ownership of your uniqueness, passion, skillset, and purpose.

    This program has one only purpose; to awaken your essence, so your talents that have been dormant bloom, allowing you to flourish limitlessly. This is an adventure where you will re-encounter yourself as the hero you were born to be. 

    You will get rid of those limiting beliefs that make you hesitate in your own capacity to achieve your highest goals. 

    You will regain confidence, self-awareness, and empowerment.

    I know life has not gone easy on you, and probably those endeavors demanded you to settle for less than you deserve. This is an opportunity to pull yourself together and refill with purpose, creativity, accountability, and gratitude, so you enjoy life as the whole being that you are! 

    Your personal growth will be reflected in your business immediately. Stop procrastinating and invest in yourself now!

    Program Modalities: 

    • One-on-one coaching sessions
    • Group coaching sessions
    • Online self-directed program (coming soon)


  • International Coaching Certifications

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    Eagle Business Coaching

    The Certified Flourishing Coach Model™ is evidence-based and practitioner-focused, meaning that it is based on science and psychology.  “Evidence-based” describes an approach to medicine, education, and other disciplines that emphasizes the practical application of the findings of the best available current research.  Essentially, it means that a concept or practice is supported by a large amount of scientific research.

    So, when we describe the Flourishing Coaching Model™ as evidence-based, we mean that we are taking the best available current research around people, change, and specifically how people flourish and practically applying it with a coaching lens.  

    As an active member of Certified Flourishing Coaching™ and the Global Coaching Certification Association (GCCA)Eagle Business Coaching™ is committed to spreading the science and abundance of the Flourishing Coaching Program® model among Hispanics in North and Latin America, in order to raise a generation of powerful coaches that will ignite purposeful change in the region.