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Our professional lives can be complicated, stressful, and sometimes overwhelming. Often, we find ourselves with too many responsibilities that drain our energy and prevent us from being constantly highly productive.

Therefore, dedicating quality time to taking care of ourselves and doing what we are passionate about is a sure path to success, also in the workplace. A clear example is women managers who have to juggle their professional positions, their families, and their daily responsibilities.

No wonder many of them have daily routines of self-care and self-love to be highly productive.

Focusing solely and exclusively on work is a mistake that has serious short and long-term consequences in both your personal and professional life. We need to find a balance that allows us to rest, disconnect, and enjoy our personal and family time in order to work with enthusiasm and obtain the best results.

One of the great benefits of self-care is the creation of a culture of self-awareness, trust, and joy at work. A happy employee is more optimistic and creative, more resilient to change, and more motivated, willing, and committed to the company. According to Delivering Happiness, happy employees increase productivity by 88%. That's why their well-being has to be a priority for any employer.

In addition to the remarkable productivity gains of happy employees, self-care helps build confidence. When an employee prioritizes their self-care, it boosts their confidence and reinforces their security, increasing their ability to manage stressful situations.

So, how can you enhance self-care in your work life?

  • Establish clear boundaries between your personal and professional life. For example, if you finish work at 6 o'clock, plan an activity to unwind.
  • Don't extend your workday by talking about work through WhatsApp or other means of communication. You can turn off notifications to avoid being tempted to sacrifice your personal and family time.
  • Create and be part of a positive work environment, and use psychological safety to engage and cultivate healthy and strong relationships with your colleagues.
  • Keep your workspace organized to avoid distractions, and to increase your mental clarity when working.
  • Nurture your creativity on a daily basis by being in contact with nature, exercising, or practicing your most favorite artistic or intellectual activities in your free time.
  • Define your personal and professional goals and design a plan to achieve them. Set milestones to keep you on track and modify them as needed. Use them as an ally for your growth and not as a stressor in your life.

Our certified coaches are experts in self-care as a booster of productivity in the workplace. If you are looking to increase your productivity or that of your team, call us today for fully personalized service.

Marina Conejero y Ana María Ortega

Certified Flourishing Life Coaches