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The work pace is sometimes so dizzying that people end up performing their tasks like automatons, without even thinking.

Stress, dissatisfaction or lack of focus are the consequence of this reality, which some companies like Google, Intel, and Aetna are changing thanks to mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a technique that workers and entrepreneurs can apply both in their personal and professional life. It is a method in which the professional achieves mindfulness by focusing on what is happening here and now, and accepting it without trying to change or judge anything.

Through this methodology, professionals manage to calm their mind, reduce pressure and stress, and improve the skills required to interact with their colleagues or clients.

In the workplace, there is a mindfulness branch known as mindful leadership, which enables the development of positive and transformational leadership.

In changing and multidisciplinary industries, professionals need to be able to evolve along with the industry. Leaders must be self-aware not only to cope with their own workload, but also to manage a multicultural team, or work with different generations.


Hence, more and more senior professionals are turning to leadership or mindful leadership programs.

From Eagle Business Coaching, we want to help you face your work demands in the best possible way, and that is why we want to teach you several mindfulness exercises that you can perform before, during, and after your workday.

  • Exercise for when you are on the way: Whether you use private or public transportation, pay attention to your breathing and your movements. Especially if you drive the same route every day, to avoid turning on "autopilot".
  • Concentration exercise: The best way to bring yourself back to the present and concentrate on your work is to count backwards. Start counting slowly from 10 to 0, concentrating only on this. If your mind gets distracted, start the countdown again.
  • Exercise to clear your mind: Take a few minutes to do some mindful breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Contemplate how your belly moves to the rhythm of your breath and concentrate on it.
  • Exercise to slow down the work pace: Our mind is constantly working at a frantic pace. To counteract this, listen to what your mind is saying. Analyze your thoughts to try to slow down and get back to calm.
  • Lunchtime exercise: Also known as mindful eating, this is conscious eating. Pay attention to the food, smells, tastes and textures, chewing slowly and savoring each food that is part of the dish.
  • Exercise for when you leave work: Once you leave work, stop for 3 minutes and observe the sensations of your body. Notice what you feel after work is over and reconnect with reality in case you have disconnected during your workday.

If you want to evolve towards a mindful corporate culture to achieve success and boost your employees' job satisfaction levels, contact us today.

Ana-María Ortega

Certified Flourishing Workplace Coach