Eagle Business Coaching Corp.
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  • 1 on 1 AssessmentIndividual assessment and advise from enhanced perspective that will reveal several options and scenarios customized to your business needs.  Affordable business solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Become a successful entrepreneur NOW!
  • Business Accelerator Program​Solid strategies to sky-rocket your sales and customers satisfaction.  Do more for less money!
  • Business Solutions and Strategic PlanningNot just a fancy document to lay down on your desk but a practical guide for a bright and consistent near future, easy to understand and make it come true.
  • Culture assessment and language support - Many Canadian companies are expanding their borders to Latin-America; our accompaniment services will guarantee your results by going beyond the language barrier.  Contemplating cultural differences is a key success factor in negotiations, brand positioning and to hire the best talent.  Let us successfully conquer new markets with you!
  • Process and Policies - We can assess you throughout the implementation and/or update of these essential documents for your business.  This is a highly recommend solution to business owners who just started up their companies, especially to those who have decided to run a franchise.
  • Customer Service and Loyalty ProgramsHaving the right Customer Service & Retention Strategy in place is as critical as hiring the right people to work with.  We can design tailor-made strategies for your business, so you will be able to develop long-lasting relationships with your clientele.
  • CRM implementation (Customer Relationship Management) - The fusion of technology, right information management and a friendly organizational culture is known as CRM.  We can successfully walk you through this ultimate transition to success.
  • Project Management - Our experts will embrace your projects with best practices and make them enjoyable and timely achievable.
  • Quality & Revenue Assurance - Solid experience in Six-Sigma and ISO Standards grants us to assess you when it comes to resources optimization, revenue assurance, waste reduction, standards implementation, process & policies design, etc.  Are you ready to bump up your profits?

Business solutions, Management Coaching, strategies and more!