Eagle Business Coaching Corp.
  • ​​4 hours of 101 coaching bi-weekly.  No interruptions, just your business and us.
  • Value analysis of your business – May include SWOT analysis if necessary (SWOT: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Strategy and action plan set up.  No formulas but practical tailor-made strategies for your business.
  • You will set your own pace.
  • Guidance for implementation and execution.
  • Follow up assessment.
  • Affordable fees for small and mid-sized business.​​

Struggling with small business administration?

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  • Decreasing or stuck sales
  • Staff apathy (demotivation)
  • Unachievable budgets
  • Desertion of loyal customers
  • Frequent complaints and refunds
  • Rejection to change and technology

​Gain market share, loyal customers and committed staff with our Business Accelerator Program. Business management tools that go beyond: Marketing, change management and business strategy for mid-sized and small business administration.

Business Accelerator Program