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This program has been created to help you navigate through times of uncertainty, lack of growth, and struggle. You have the capacity to overcome adversity and set clear goals and action plans; however, a sustainable change must occur in order to elevate your mindset from struggling and surviving to grow and thriving; that is where my experience and the resources I have available for your growth, will become your best investment. This is about flourishing, about overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs, and about becoming the person you were born to be.

The following aspects will be covered over the 18 sessions. They don't follow a specific order, nor duration due to every single client deserves a tailor-made solution based on their own circumstances.

  • Personal Assessment based on FLQ ™ and FSAT ™
  • The Life Compass ™ analysis
  • Personal Purpose and Vision
  • Mindset Reprogramming
  • Short and Long term Goal Setting
  • Personal Growth Plan
  • Awareness, Identity, Reprogramming
  • Achievable Action Plans and Daily Routines
  • Growth Acceleration: personal, professional, financial, relational, spiritual, and social.
  • Accountability and contribution
  • Leadership and Impact