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Ana-Maria Ortega - Founder & Master Coach in Edmonton, AB

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I consider myself a global citizen with one mission: to inspire and help others to reach their potential. Originally from Quito-Ecuador, I am a humanitarian, servant leader, mother, daughter, wife, and entrepreneur. I have been blessed with a prosperous career in business for over 25 years, covering areas like marketing, sales and customer service, projects and strategies, quality assurance, not-for-profit program management, general management, and entrepreneurship across three different countries. Some academics under my belt have supported this professional journey in business: a BCom, a Master’s in strategic Direction & Innovation, and a Diploma in Telecomm Law and Management, among other international certifications.

Eagle Business Coaching™ , my business devoted to mid-size and small companies since 2016, is where I thrive as a Leadership Coach. I have inspired entrepreneurs to reach their business goals while elevating their lifestyles.


In September 2020, Meraki Coaching-Canada™ , a sister company, broke into the market to serve internationally trained immigrants who seek fulfillment and purpose in their careers. Newcomers are a population that I relate to deeply; they are resilient, optimistic, brave, and determined. I invite them to use those strengths through my coaching programs to accelerate their growth in Canada and thrive as they once dreamed of.

In August 2021, I embraced the role of Certified Flourishing Facilitator Coach and Director for the Hispanic and Latin-America markets and became a member of the Global Certification Coaching Association™ (GCCA). I am thrilled to share our unparallel coaching methodology, The Certified Flourishing Coaching Program™ , with Spanish-speaking coaches, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are ready to experience exponential growth. At the same time, they become active agents of change within their communities. You are welcome to click on the picture for more details about my professional career.

For more details about my professional career, you are welcome to click on the picture.

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Integrity - We are committed to doing what is right, regardless of the circumstances. Therefore, you can expect our deliverables to be consistent, accurate, and high-quality.

Innovation - There is always a new and better way to do something, and we are committed to finding it.

Loyalty - We honour every single vow of service and relationship.

Excellence - We work to serve. Listen to understand, See to learn. Create to build. Speak to connect. Think to solve—Excel to impact. And live to love.

Humility - We acknowledge the greatness and authenticity of every human being as much as we recognize our own.

Serving across Edmonton, Lethbridge, Canmore, Banff, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec City, Quebec, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the surrounding areas.

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