Summer 2022, A New Milestone For Small Businesses

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This summer has become a revelation for the business world. “The new normal” is shily unrevealing itself while based on StatsCan data, our country embraces a reduced unemployment rate of 4.9%, along with skyrocketing inflation of 8.4% as of June 2022. Public gatherings, large family reunions, low COVID-related restrictions, festivals, restaurants, events, and parties, have opened an overly-delayed ideal scenario for business owners.
They must deal not only with increasing traffic in their locations but the evolutioned needs of a target audience who have adjusted their priorities during the last 24 months.

Even though for Canadians, the inflation rate is at its highest since 1983, after two restrictive years, consumers are currently experiencing a higher level of “mindfulness”: embracing this moment, here and now; which has taken retail sales to $62.2 billion in May 2022, while tourism spending in Canada increased 1.3% to $15.7 billion. From a personal-finances perspective, it might be risky in the long term due to the fixation on poor spending habits and choices for some; however, on a bigger scale, isn’t the economy moving after all?

As we all know, another consequence of the pandemic is people questioning their lifestyle, their personal development, their legacy, and their purpose, being this reasoning behind the trigger of many more new trends and niches that enrich an already convoluted marketplace. These changes have created new opportunities, new conditions and also new risks for our clients, granting us the opportunity to remain grounded and updated in our perspective, strategies and tools.

The COVID footprint will be unforgettable

The pandemic prematurely wiped out millions of lives, families, dreams, relationships, jobs and businesses; to sum it up. It crashed our “unstoppable world”. However, it also brought consciousness, solidarity, and new opportunities in multiple aspects. We’ve seen companies going bankrupt and enterprises rising up like skyscrapers. For us, it hasn’t been different than a wild rollercoaster of uncertainty, silence, opportunities, impotence, hope, frustration, positivism and much, much resilience and determination. A lean financial structure along with a resource-optimization strategy, prepared the remote-work-realm for us, years before the pandemic, making it natural once extreme measures got implemented.

On our part, back in 2020, we increased the frequency of our communications with our clients because they needed support and guidance. On several occasions, we walked out of our comfort zone as a service provider to offer them the type of support they needed (sometimes beyond our creativity and line of business), and we don’t regret it. We got them through it!

We’re still cautious about COVID. So far, we have been a 100% remote-work company, unless our clients need us in their locations. We are flexible; nevertheless, our staff and clientele safety is our first priority. We have been following provincial and federal precautionary measures to guarantee our clients’ and staff’s safety, and it is our commitment to continue doing so.

Our coaching programs are being delivered in-person in groups of up to 25 people, and online in groups of up to 100 participants.

We use the more accessible technology to stay connected with our clients and guarantee their data safety. While we stick to meeting clients virtually, as the Skies have been reopened, we are ready to meet our clients wherever they need us. We are also open to taking part in virtual public events and business Expos.

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