Chaos as a catalyst for deep transformation – Episode 4 of 4 –

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As happened to all of us, the year 2020 (our fourth year of operation) came to this story with a radical and disruptive transformation.

The unimaginable happened and for several months the whole world stopped. My clients, just like me, ceased their operations and were confined to the core of their homes, which aroused in me an even greater concern: the next time I speak with them (which was going to happen in a few hours or days), the conversations were surely going to have a tinge of fear, uncertainty, and pessimism. I remember being worried, and even afraid, emotions that faded away when I realized: It is now that they need me more than ever, so I must be in my greatest availability, splendor, mindset, level of productivity and genius.

My biggest challenge as a leadership coach: my clients paralyzed (literally and metaphorically) by their state of shock, suddenly became my biggest motivation to decide to be who I was born to be. The motivation was so great that I immediately looked for the best training and Coach I could. I aimed to become an even better Coach, so I could support the growth of my clients in a comprehensive way under unprecedented circumstances. This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have made in my professional life, because the fruits of this financial, emotional and time investment, sprang from within me in a transformative way and expanded naturally to those I serve with dedication and affection.

Before I continue, I want to express my respect and sympathy for the millions of people who lost their loved ones to the pandemic; to those who this chaotic situation led them to make desperate decisions, and to all humanity that is gradually rising from this hard test. Personally, I experienced the helplessness and fear of having my parents very sick with COVID, without the presence of their children in our home country. I am a person who believes in miracles, and I feel infinitely blessed to have witnessed more than one in my passage through this world, among them, I gratefully observed their unbelievable recovery.

Returning to my narrative, with humility and respect, I perceive the shock caused by the chaotic 2020 as a beacon on my own path as an entrepreneur and as a person. Isolation, fear, loneliness, darkness, loss and scarcity were all catalysts for a profound change that was ignited by questions for which I usually "do not have the time".

The mission, vision, values, objectives, and strategies to be followed by my company were evident; however, this time the presence of a new element that I didn’t appraise enough before was imposed, my life purpose. Our NORTH was clearer than ever!

During the months of confinement, the rain of revelations continued and was abundant. I understood the role that every havoc, crisis, trial, broken relationship, failed project, financial loss, mistake and downfall, has had in my process of evolution. Everything has been a masterpiece of service and surrender, and the best part is that I have always had, have and will have the option to be the star of it.

There is only one word to define the last year of Eagle Business Coaching's operation: transformation. Reconnecting with my own purpose in life elevated my company to a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency. The strategic and operating plan were revised in a way that I finally see in them a legacy. My services portfolio at both Eagle Business Coaching and Meraki Coaching (its sister company founded in 2020) laser-focus on maximizing the use of my talents and experiences in the service of my clients, facilitating growth opportunities for themselves and their communities. Today I can say that I am projecting myself through my companies.

Throughout my professional life I thought that the only language to express extraordinary performance, consolidation and efficiency are expressed in numbers and percentages; today I don’t dispute its essential need in business direction, but I would like to list a few for which the numbers and percentages don’t seem to be eloquent enough: ·

  • Aligning your goals with your purpose is the shortest path to success.
  • Alone, you may walk faster, but having the right company will take you further. An entrepreneur needs people to open to about their emotions, discuss their ideas and problems, analyze their downfalls, and celebrate their victories.

Personally, working with a Coach has skyrocketed my results in all areas of my life. Having that person who objectively, transparently, ethically, and professionally gives me their point of view, experience, and good energy, but who mainly, helps me maintain my focus and progress pace in what is relevant in every aspect of my life, is undoubtedly an invaluable advantage.

  • Asking for help expands your chances of success, learning, and expansion. There are millions of collaborative and empathetic people around the world who believe in strategic alliances, collaborative progress and self-sustaining community economies; you just have to decide to be one of them and be willing to collaborate and grow.
  • An entrepreneur's worst enemy is self-sabotage, not external factors, not your competitors, not government, not crisis, not your family. If you haven’t succeeded so far, ask for help and objectively analyze yourself, your operation, your idea, the quality of your communications, and of course, your product or service. For decades marketing has shown that there is always a niche market for every product that aligns with its target customer. If you believe, it's possible!
  • Faith, gratitude, humility, and resilience are essential virtues for the leader of an organization. They sustain your objectivity, self-confidence, learning ability, creativity, and energy during adversity.
  • The way you amalgamate your love and passion with your work is your main competitive differentiator.
  • An entrepreneur needs to define their three non-negotiable things. In my case these are:
  • My family's time
  • My health (physical, mental and spiritual)
  • My moral values
  • Every entrepreneur needs to define their own concept of personal mastery and pursue it, for which it is essential to implement daily routines. These daily habits and routines in turn require the incorporation of key factors such as discipline, perseverance, consistency, personal improvement, and service to others.
  • Read as much time as I have used to feed myself. Nourishing my mind is just as important as nourishing my body.
  • Make neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) a tool for everyday use.
  • To be authentically myself. This authenticity is distilled through my brands, services and work, allowing me to connect with my clients in genuine collaboration.
  • Start my day with two clear goals in mind:
  • Learn something new Help someone else

The harvest has been fruitful...

Thanks to every person who have been part of our first five years of operation, but mainly to my colleagues, collaborators, customers, and suppliers who have trusted in my company, and with whom we have conquered our first five years together.

Ana-Maria Ortega P.