5 Tips para ayudar a tu empresa a despegar con firmeza en el 2022

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The beginning of 2022 is an excellent opportunity to define our company's goals, design a strategic plan that will allow us to achieve them, and take risks that will set us up for success.

According to Forbes magazine (*Villa D. 2022), these are the 5 best tips to get off to a strong start in this new year:

  • Track your vacation customers. The holidays are full of consumers who want to buy immediately. But what do you do with those consumers who show interest initially but fall by the wayside? Do you have processes in place to reach these potential customers? Take advantage of this to open up new methods of communication with these customers or to strengthen the ones that are already open.
  • Focus on the small wins. Meet with your team to review the small and big wins of the past year. This will improve morale and lead to better results.
  • Launch a new product. The beginning of the year is a good time to launch a new product or service you've been working on or to start designing new projects that you can launch this year.
  • Increase your social media presence. Social media marketing is an essential element for the success of all businesses. Take advantage of these channels to connect emotionally with your target audience and deliver value while showing your business purpose through the positive impact your company leaves on the community, and you will see a substantial increase in your followers’ engagement and eventually in your sales. Remember that purpose, commitment, consistency, and constancy are key in the communication process with your customers.
  • Pick a goal and stick to it. We all have an endless list of things we would like to do or implement in our businesses. However, to get off to a good start this year, choose one and design a strategic plan to achieve it. When you have achieved it, do the same with the next one on your list.

This new year begins with endless opportunities to scale your business and achieve the goals you seek. The five tips described above are a very good starting point to take off with strength and presence in 2022.

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*References: Villa D. (2022). Five Ways to Ensure a Strong Start to the New Year. Forbes