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Eagle Business Coaching's Founder - Director

Goals like efficiency, break-even point, profitability increase, engaging organizational culture or quality assurance are easier and more affordable than what business owners might think.  You just need the right person to walk you through more practical and simpler ways to run your business.  This is what I have learned from over 20 years of experience working on projects involving marketing, sales, customer service, quality and revenue assurance, project management, change management and CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

As business owner, you get used to wearing many hats, but you still need to stay focused on two specific tasks: making your business profitable and having enough time to share quality-time with your loved ones.  This is why a business coach is the best ally you can have. Eagle Business Coaching can become that trustworthy partner who will guide you to reach your goals.

Marketing strategies, business planning, creativity and leadership are strongly related to commitment and optimization at Eagle Business Coaching. We do business based on a strong moral compass, which unequivocally leads us to win-win relationships with clients. 

We understand that success is about hard work, long-lasting relationships, feeling fulfilled by doing what is right, loving what you do and being able to help others. I am sure we can take you down your own path to success.

We are eager to start working with you!